Hi, I'm Jenni!  


  • I'm doing all the summer chores from dawn til dusk on the Rainbow Ranger Sanctuary

  • My heart only beats because of my pacemaker that I've had since I was 17.

  • I love dinner foods for breakfast and breakfast foods for dinner.

  • I have a goal to illustrate and publish some books with my very dear friend.

  • I am parenting through a pandemic.

  • I love astrology.

  • I can't get enough Vegan Taco Salad. 

The long story.

Hey friends! I'm honored that you chose this page and want to know more about me.

I grew up in a small town in Manitoba in a home with only a little money, but a whole lotta love. We had a great community - I taught skating and coached baseball and babysat pretty much every child in town. I painted faces at the winter carnival and hung out with the kids in the park. I went to school outside of town so I could learn some Francais and graduated as a solid B- student. I excelled at Art (ha). 

I turned 18 and said goodbye (a couple times) to the homestead and started on my zig-zag career path. Before WWC, I dabbled in many industries (definitely helped with my experience!). In my 20s, you could find me managing a UPS Store, working for a Pet Health Insurance company, an assistant to a Real Estate Appraiser, back at the Pet Insurance place but in the Marketing Department, part of the coolest team at a little Marketing company, a team leader in a natural product MLM, and a few other places. 

I was told to 'try and stick to one job for a while', and 'it's time to choose your career' - but as it turned out, that was just not for me.

When I started Wild Women Creations, I'd just had my first baby and knew I wanted to stay home as much as I can with her. You can call me one of the OG Virtual Assistants. I was virtual before it was popular! Not only did Virtual Assistance give me the freedom of a flexible schedule but it satiated my need to have a variety of work to do - some logistical, some organizational and lots of creativity! 

I've still been employed a few times since 2014, but have always kept clients on the WWC side of things - helping small entrepreneurs with big dreams is too much fun to give up. Big sky thinkers with so many ideas are my favourite people to work with. While it can be hard to narrow down and focus, there is never a lack of brilliant ideas - I simply love that kind of brain. Lucky for me, these people keep finding me and I couldn't be more grateful!


One day, I brought out my old watercolor kit and decided to start painting.

Within one day of sharing my crappy little beginner art with my friends on social media, I had dozens of requests for more - and it hasn't stopped since! 

I honestly can't even believe that I am so lucky to know that a piece of me is in the homes of many. I've painted mostly dogs and cats, some houses and cabins, and my personal favourite, farm animals. 

I have big dreams of illustrating books and creating art for many different things. I just want to say thank you to all who have supported me along the way - what an amazing feeling, being able to use your talents to bring joy to others. 

*Enter mid-30s Crisis*

Nope, I'm not ashamed of having a HUGE shift in my life during my 35th year on this planet. Things were just not making sense for me - and do you know what I realized? I can create a life that I love and help others like I always wanted to do.


So I did some rearranging, met someone as spontaneous as me, and we started a vegan sanctuary for farm animals and called it Rainbow Ranger Station. If you want more of that story, you'll just have to follow us on social media ;) 

This is what purpose in life looks and feels like. Not only do we help and care for animals in need of a safe home, but we bring the animal-human connection to others, which is what humanity needs right now.


I absolutely love this 'Jill of all trades' lifestyle. No one has to fit into one little box, and you shouldn't either! I encourage you to explore doing things that you actually LOVE doing. Even if it's weird. Even if people think you are crazy. Trust me when I say that good things happen when you do what's right FOR YOU. And the best people fall into your life as well.


Thank you for being here and taking the time to get to know (a small part) of me. May your day be full of laughter and kindness. I hope to connect with you <3​

Jenni xoxo

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