Meet the Family

- Our Family -

Altogether, we are a family of over 35 - humans, furry and feathered beings. The animals in our care are treated like cherished family members and treated with the utmost respect - as they deserve. It's crazy, chaotic, busy and fun - and we wouldn't have it any other way! We hope you enjoy meeting the crew!

The Humans

Mama-Bear #1 - The Brawn

Born and raised in Anola, MB, Robyn has the country spirit running through her veins. You'll find her wielding a chainsaw, ripping around on the quad ,and hauling and scooping all the heavy things. 

Her heart animal is Ranger. And she names 95% of the animals here.


Mama Bear #2 - The Brains


Jenni has the entrepreneur spirit and is behind all the techy stuff, social media, the animal care, gardening, building small things, and the planning.

You'll usually find her holding a chicken or snuggling with Van.


Cali is the oldest of the sisters (9) and Mama Jenni's sidekick. You can find Cali pumping music and dancing, or taking videos of the animals. She can't wait to be the Ranger Station Tour Guide.


Cassidy (8) loves being outside and visits all of the fur babies. You'll always hear her humming a tune and she's always the first to finish dinner.

jovie chicken.JPG

Jovie (7) loves to read and play with her sisters. She is the first to volunteer to scoop poop with Mama Jenni, and starts morning chores to help us out during the week. Jovie is our resident chicken whisperer.


Charley (6) is all about the inside animals. She can't go a full meal (or chore or conversation) without leaving to get a quick cat cuddle in. She is our most sensitive kiddo when it comes to sad animal stories and often will cry about how animals are mistreated. Her favourite book is about being vegan.


Molly (4) is the youngest of the crew but that never slows her down. She is tough and goofy and always has something funny to say. Her favourite animals are the pups.

The Furries

Stolen from his mama in the dairy industry, placed as a baby in a petting zoo, and destined for slaughter, Van was rescued and brought to live with us. 

He is a big, playful, cuddly boy with the cutest pink freckled nose.

He loves playing with tires and balls and galloping around with his goat friends.


Our first baby, along with Parker, Ranger came from a goat farm where he was destined to be food, bred or who knows what. 

His little crooked horns are the product of a de-horning gone wrong. An unnecessary procedure, but regularly practiced in the farm world.

You'll find Ranger destroying fences and parkouring wherever he can.


Parkie came along with Ranger, Jenni fell in love with his beautiful floppy ears. 

Boer goats are always bred for meat. Not our Parker though.

The littlest of the bunch, who loves head scratches. And will provide you with the cutest happy goat dances.


Liberty "Libby" is a Nigerian Dwarf and came to us the same weekend as Ranger and Parker. She was a lonely goat who was kept for milking.

She was very shy when we got her, arriving in a barrel with holes in it. She is still cautious around humans, but has warmed up to us and become the alpha of the group.


Sweet Sweet Maggie came to us from a hobby farm that was moving out of the province. She was well taken care and we were happy to welcome her into our herd.

She has the sweetest temperament, but pickiest appetite. Her favourite food is lettuce, kale, and parsley.


Thumb is a Pony who came to us from a friend who regularly takes in rescue or surrendered horses. She is very smart and very shy, chances are, you won't get to pet her if you are here, but she will come for treats! 

She had a surprise pregnancy, and now gets to live her days with her baby boy Tom.

Tom Thumb

Tom the Pony came with his Mama, Thumbalina. He is a very social boy who loves scratches, treats, and will nibble your hand - so watch your fingers!

The Buns

We have 9 rescued buns. All boys. All rowdy. All adorable. 

Some came from families who couldn't keep them. Some from bad living situations. Some from city infestations and some from hoarding situations. 

The bun area is the next area we are working on at RRS.

The Feathers

Our star, Piper, made the news when she and her 4 friends were left to die at the Brady Landfill with their deceased flock mates. Her horrible "free range hen"  life was given to her by the Manitoba Egg Industry. Watch the CityTV news story HERE.

Piper now lives with us, along with her other chicken friends, living the life of what an actual Free Range Hen should live.

The Hens

Ruby Rose, Frankie Doyle & Ellen come to us from a laying farm because they no longer produced enough eggs to be profitable. 

Now these girls get to chill in the coop with their friends and not worry about having to provide anything for humans, ever again.

Susan + Tuck

We raised these babies from chicks. They joined us before we started the sanctuary because they are just amazing birds. Susan is actually a rooster and Tuck, a sweet little hen. 

Silkie chickens have soft, fluffy feathers and a very sweet personality.

Glen & Abby

Glen & Abby came to us as Glennon and Abby - to which we quickly realized Glennon was a rooster! 

Glen has a severely bent leg and has a hard time getting around. His partner Abby always stays close by as they are bonded by pure love.

Quack Pack

Jeff, Winston, Jack & Nelson make up the quack pack of ducks we have here. They are like chatty old men who don't want to be bothered during their morning coffee. 

Jeff was brought here after he lost his mate, Debbie, and the other boys were rescued by another sanctuary and brought here.

Ryan & Lucy

Ryan Gosling & Lucy Goosey are our loud and amazing Embden geese who greet you upon your arriveal. Ryan came to us with a crooked neck, but luckily it has repaired itself. 

They are nibbly little honkers who choose to eat your toes over any treats you bring them.

Boomerang & Stormy

Boom & Stormy are fainting goat brothers. They were loved and spoiled by their original human family and will continue to be loved and spoiled by us.

Boom has the most adorable bleat and loves bum scratches. Stormy will nibble on anything nearby.

The Felines

Around since the dawn of time... just kidding... Hurley is our 16 year old lady. Outside cat turned spoiled inside cat. You'll find her in the master bedroom, soaking up the laziness of her golden years.


Miss feisty, Roxy is the smallest cat with the biggest attitude. She's hated strangers her whole life, but are not seeing a glimmer of softness as she allows new animals and people come into her life. This sweetheart is going on 13 years of age.


Icky, the kids cat. Isn't bothered by anyone picking him up, and while he looks like a big tough farm cat, he's the chillest one of the bunch.


Miss Tibor only recently lost her title of the noisiest when wanting food (to now-inside kitty, Hurley). She's an agile little tortie who likes to come in and out of the house every 3 minutes.


Mr Tuxedo, Bruno Meows is a big sweet boy that likes to cause a ruckus in the feline community, but also loves to tuck all the humans in every night with a little cuddle.


Ellie bo belli was a gift from the universe! We weren't looking to rescue another cat, but Jenni was so drawn to her that she just jumped at the chance to take her home. Her owner was very ill, and could no longer care for her, so we opened our home to Ellie. She instantly got along with everyone and is sweet as pie.

The Protectors

This sweet 8 year old Golden Retriever gal wins everyone's heart over. All she wants is love, and if you show love to someone else, she wants that love too. Scouty's a good girl.


Journey is a Great Pyrenees cross pup - and it definitely shows in the way she loves being outside and protecting her property and humans. She is Jake's BFF. 


Jake is a Great Pyrenees pup, but don't let his perfectly cute face fool you, he loves to do bad dog things at 3am while everyone is sleeping. But he is also incredibly sweet and calm, and will lay on his back if he doesn't want to listen to you. He is Journey's BFF.